Exploitation de documents médicaux par les techniques d’embedding : application au typage automatique de documents

Participation à La Plate-Forme de l'Intelligence Artificielle du 29 juin au 3 juillet 2020

reproducing xkcd's self-description comic with python

Using matplotlib to generate the xkcd self-description plot

Quickly generate a list of photos with feh and some shell scripts

Sometimes I need to tag some pictures in my photo library for later processing, like export or print them. Here is how to do this efficiently directly using feh and a few shell scripts.

8 queens puzzle in Haskell

Let's use haskell to solve the famous 8-queens problem

How we teach computers to do additions

Or let's build a full adder!

Connect 4

connect 4 AI , extremely basic (and weak ;) , Where I just implement the skeleton of the complete negamax algorithm, with alpha-beta pruning, and an evaluation function.


A very simple Tic Tac Toe AI that plays the game perfectly. A first glance at the minimax algorithm!

Analyzing World of Tanks Blitz

Where we use Python to get some "real-life" – or should I say "real geek" – data from WoTB's API